Where is my tax bill from DISD??

Confusion Reigns about DISD Tax Bills

Tax bills are in the mail…. But not if you are in the Dallas ISD.  Why? They are waiting to see if the voters approve the $0.13/$100 hike in the Maintenance and Operations rate. This kind of an increase calls for a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) which will be on the November 6 ballot. But that has not prevented the Dallas County Tax Office from posting your tax bills with the proposed increase on their website. https://www.dallasact.com/act_webdev/dallas/index.jsp. Is that optimistic or what???

There is no message informing you that if the TRE does not pass, your taxes will likely be lower. I made a call to customer service at the county tax office this week and was told that if someone paid their bill from the 2018 Tax Statement posted on the website and the TRE did not pass, the taxpayer would receive a refund. Seems like the best course is to wait until after the election and look for the paper statement. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to chase the county for a refund.

On the other hand, DISD received a hard to earn “Doing it Right” from the Watchdog, Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News consumer reporter for moving the election to the November ballot in order to save money and boost turnout. To see the Watchdog article praising not only Dallas ISD, but also the Frisco, Richardson, and Birdville ISDs click here.

And speaking of property taxes, the protest window is not far down the road. You’ll be getting your proposed value statement in mid-April and have only a 30 day window to file a protest. We are recommending you do as thousands of others did last year and use our simple web application at www.propertytax.io.  You’ll get an immediate indicator of your chances for a successful protest or free. And if we give you the green light you can let us generate a professional report for you or you can use our DIY tool to modify and supplement our report.


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